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Why I Said No More Planet Fitness?

Published June 13, 2014 by meka144

Ok. So I was a member of planet fitness from September 2013 until June 2014. I will discuss my pros and cons for the gym.
1. Reasonable price -$10 per month
2. Close by my home
3. If you love cardio, this is the place for you.

1.  If you are trying to make gym a lifetime commitment I do not feel like this is the gym for you. Why? Well they serve unlimited PIZZA on mondays and have a bowl of candy. I do not understand that concept but I think that is tempting people to eat bad. I do not want to put myself at a place who will tempt me to get pizza after I jusy did all this hard work burning calories.

2. I did not like the fact that there were not rooms (like past gyms ive had memberships at) with loose exercise equipment such as medicine balls, buso balls, jump ropes, enough free weight for more that one person (5lb weight for example), exercise balls, ect. There is nothing like that at Planet Fitness (or at my location anyway) for people who wants to tone without using heavy weight machines. At the location I was at they ask for people to not bring their own equipment so if thats what you wanted 2 do, you had to do it outside of the gym.

3. Dont get me wrong, I love lifting weight. I feel like everyone should add that to the gym time. But the con for me are the large amounts of the cardio machines. I mean Gee wizz! The cardio machines take up 75% of the space. This made it where they have the weight lifting equipment so cramped up until it can get uncomfortable sometimes working out.

I know I can probably come up with more pros/cons but these are the reasons why I cancelled my membership and these statments are my opinions based off of my experience. I love having many options in my gym workout and not doing the same thing everytime I go. Planet Fitness is not a bad gym at all, it just was not the gym for me. Im sure there are better locations than the one I had membership but I honestly want to keep my gym memberships close 2 my some or in route from work.    I look at it like you get what you pay for.


Weigh in…..kinda slacked

Published April 16, 2014 by meka144

So my weigh in day was yesterday. I lost about a pound since last Tuesday (April 8th). But the reason why I am disappointed in myself is because I got all the way down to 191 and ended up gaining a whole lot over the weekend. You see how that one cheat day can get you off. Its not like I was eating everything in sight. So Ive made my mind up. I will not have anymore cheat days, just maybe a cheat meal. Glad to be back on track. …….. I started this befit 30 day bootcamp series and let me tell you,  Its a very good workout. I will still be going to the gym once or twice week and also walking during my breaks at work. I definatly need to build my upper body strength. I cant get past one pushup. If anyone could let me know what I can be doing (at home or in the gym) to build that strength, that would be very helpful. I will have below my favorite workout channels on youtube.

Fitness Blender

My progress in my 60 day challenge: