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Weigh in…..kinda slacked

Published April 16, 2014 by meka144

So my weigh in day was yesterday. I lost about a pound since last Tuesday (April 8th). But the reason why I am disappointed in myself is because I got all the way down to 191 and ended up gaining a whole lot over the weekend. You see how that one cheat day can get you off. Its not like I was eating everything in sight. So Ive made my mind up. I will not have anymore cheat days, just maybe a cheat meal. Glad to be back on track. …….. I started this befit 30 day bootcamp series and let me tell you,  Its a very good workout. I will still be going to the gym once or twice week and also walking during my breaks at work. I definatly need to build my upper body strength. I cant get past one pushup. If anyone could let me know what I can be doing (at home or in the gym) to build that strength, that would be very helpful. I will have below my favorite workout channels on youtube.

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My progress in my 60 day challenge: