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Loc’d and Loaded

Published June 18, 2015 by meka144

Get Your Mind Write

Why worship a god in a perm box when a God grows from my head in curly knots, I do not dread my dreads….” -Shelby Birch


Ya know, it took me years  to even claim a statement as bold as this one. Like many young  black girls, I hated my hair. I hated everything about it. I hated the thickness, the coarseness and its shortness -wishing that maybe *just maybe* by seventh grade I could have long luscious hair like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and whip it back and forth just to show off the inches.

Yes, my first #hairgoals were from an indecisive and naive fish girl

giphy (11)

I detested the grooming process. The combing the brushing the washing the pulling the cutting the screaming the yelling the groaning the moaning the “Sit still!” the “But it hurts, mommy!” the pain the cries the frustration the…

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