Lesley McSpadden, Grieving Mother Of Michael Brown, May Face Robbery Charges After Alleged “Attack” (DETAILS)

Published November 8, 2014 by meka144


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Funeral Held For Teen Shot To Death By Police In Ferguson, MOLesley McSpadden, the grieving mother of Michael Brown Jr., may face robbery charges for allegedly attacking individuals making money from the sale of t-shirts donning her slain son’s face.

Ferguson police are currently investigating the allegations that McSpadden attacked a group of people in a parking lot because they were promoting the shirts. According to police, the group claims McSpadden was accompanied by other individuals, including her mother, to “beat vendors and rob them” on Oct. 18.

From the NY Daily News:

One person was hospitalized in the reported attack and another unidentified alleged victim was reportedly beaten with a pipe.

McSpadden’s former mother-in-law, Pearlie Gordon, was among those beaten by “a large group of about 20-30 subjects” who had “jumped out of vehicles and rushed” the group of sellers, according to the police report.

Gordon, 54, was allegedly knocked to the ground and repeatedly struck in the…

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