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April 22nd weight in

Published April 26, 2014 by meka144

This week weigh in was pretty good. Lost a little weight. This week ive decided to workout at least 4 times per week for 60 mins each. Gym and zumba. I got my heart rate monitor also. I gotta find out how to use it. Well, nothing special happened no other that a pretty stressful start of my week. I kept my eating in check though.


Working out at planet fitness today!


The heart rate monitor I got on ebay.


Week 3 of weight loss challenge.


crochet slouch hat

Published April 20, 2014 by meka144

So I love watching youtube videos on everything. Especially videos for crochet. I found  one page. This lady has a lot of crochet tutorials. I love the fact that she has made a bunch of videos for slouch hats. This hat is using thr butterfly stich and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to do.


This hat fits perfectly over my dreadlocs.

Go check out her videos for more tutorials : meladora’s creations

My day…. My weight loss journey

Published April 20, 2014 by meka144

Im feeling very good with everything after I gained weight last weekend, I am down 6 lbs since this past Monday. That is great weight loss. Weight watchers was not doing me justice, so I decided to just calculate my calories using myfitnesspal account. I lost 30 lbs prior 2 my second child last year using myfitnesspal and it helped me a whole lot.

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Weigh in…..kinda slacked

Published April 16, 2014 by meka144

So my weigh in day was yesterday. I lost about a pound since last Tuesday (April 8th). But the reason why I am disappointed in myself is because I got all the way down to 191 and ended up gaining a whole lot over the weekend. You see how that one cheat day can get you off. Its not like I was eating everything in sight. So Ive made my mind up. I will not have anymore cheat days, just maybe a cheat meal. Glad to be back on track. …….. I started this befit 30 day bootcamp series and let me tell you,  Its a very good workout. I will still be going to the gym once or twice week and also walking during my breaks at work. I definatly need to build my upper body strength. I cant get past one pushup. If anyone could let me know what I can be doing (at home or in the gym) to build that strength, that would be very helpful. I will have below my favorite workout channels on youtube.

Fitness Blender

My progress in my 60 day challenge:



Published April 14, 2014 by meka144

Ok. So im very disappointed in myself for indulging like I did this past weekend. I will only treat myself to one item over the weekend. Imma start the BeFit 30 day bootcamp series that is on youtube. Looks very fun. Im also gonna purchase me a heartrate monitor and some dumbells. If anyone know where I can get a heartrate monitor for a nice price. Please let me know. Well, tommorow is my check in date so we will see the damage. Have a good one!

Washing My Locs

Published April 12, 2014 by meka144

Ok. So i finally did a well needed wash last night but I did not do a retwist. Anyway, tried some new products and I Love them. First I washed with a clarifying shampoo by V05. I washed with this shampoo 3 time until my water was almost clear. I then did a final wash using shea moisture shampoo (another new product). Then I used the shea moisture conditioner and let it sit in about 15 mins then rinsed. Let me tell you, besides the heaviness of the water, my locs felt light, clean, and smelled so good. One thing to remember is to make sure you use a conditioner to replace the oils that may have been stripped out from using the clarifying shampoo. After drying a little with my towel. I sprayed an oil mixture (tea tree oil, olive oil, black castor oil, vitamin e oil, coconut oil, and hask placenta 《not human placenta… ewww. lol. may sound gross but it works great and is considered a conditioner 4 your hair and promotes hair growth》). This is a new combo of oil I decided to use because I have extremely dry hair. I will only use it every 3-4 days. I always allow my hair to air dry and usually would retwist my hair right after, but I will be waiting until later 2 night to do that. Im also trying another new product ( Olive Oil hair pudding) to retwist my locs. Cant wait to see the results. See pictures below to see the products and where I purchased them. Thanks for reading!!!!


The clarifying shampoo I used. – BEWARE: If you are against any hair products with sodium lauryl sulfate. DO NOT USE.  – This can be found anywhere that shampoo is sold. VERY inexpensive.


So I did use the style milk after using my oils. but this is also the shampoo I used. The conditioner is not pictured. – Most drug stores and local beauty supply stores have this. Shampoo/ Cobditioner is about $10 / bottle. I caught this on sale @ cvs for buy 1 get 1 free.


These are the oils I use that can be purchased at your local beauty supply store. The olive oil pudding can be purchased just about anywhere.

Weight loss journey

Published April 11, 2014 by meka144


I realized something yesterday about my weight loss journey. I learned that I need to not only focus on the pounds I loose but I also should focus on what I want my body to look like. I can reach my goal weight wise but at the end I can still not LOOK like I want. So Im definitely going to start adding not toning exercises to my regimen. Maybe cut down my cardio in the gym and add those mins to my strength training. I want to also continue to try to workout 5 days a week. Im serious about this and will continue after I reach my goal. Where alot of people make their mistakes is once they reach their weighty goals they stop. They stop eating healthy, they stop excercising. Now im not going to say that you cannot eat what you want, but the key is to eat what you want and not go overboard. If you know your going to have a big meal ( going out to eat, holiday meal, ect), drink plenty of water and burn those calories off. Im serious about making this a lifestyle and in the long run, I know that it will help me alot.

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